In a continuously changing world, we have to learn how to embrace change and how to manage it to our advantage, maximizing our gains and minimizing negative impact that may come with it. We believe in change management which comes through managed change which comes under our control, and this would be the way to master the change and transformation process.

This takes us back to the basics of MV consulting, its logo, and the to the story behind the logo. It is mainly about change and transformation across successive paradigm shifts that happen every now and then, impacting everyone and everything in a big way. Individuals, organizations, industries and countries who prepare for these “paradigm shifts” and get ready to transform and adopt the coming transition between the old paradigm and the new one are those who survive and prosper, while others unfortunately suffer and probably fall victim of this paradigm shift.

Our Methodology incorporates a blend of industry standard practices with Millennia-Vision’s own intellectual property elements like MV-BTC. Examples of these industry standard practices include Lewin (unfreeze, change, refreeze) model. Mckinsey 7S Model, Kotter model, Nudge theory, and Adkar goal oriented model, Bridge Transition model, Kubler-Ross model … and others.

Also, in our own methodology, we analyze the several attributes and characteristics of change, either as a desired thing we are pursuing to make it happen, or as undesired thing that we want to eliminate/reduce/contain for minimal damages and losses.

Change Management and Transformation services will – to a great extent – overlap with Corporate Performance services. These services address the three MV-BTC elements and will go deep into the specifics and unique characteristics on case-by-case basis.