Corporate Performance Services is a “big topic” and of “great importance” to all organizations regardless of size, business segment, industry or geography. The aim of corporate performance services is to reach “optimal performance” using what is already available and with “minimal financial investments”. Throughout our services, you may score significant performance gains with what you already have and in some situations with “cost reduction” as well !

Under the umbrella of corporate performance services, you may find such offerings as

  • Quick Overall Assessment (MV-QOA) which is a generic entry-point service that fits under corporate performance services umbrella as well as under the change/transformation services umbrella. The idea from this offering is to start here if you are not sure where to start.
  • Pain & Gain Issues Articulation (MV-P&G): is another generic entry-point service that can be taken alone on its own, or can be combined with the quick overall assessment to give it additional depth and richness. The audience and target customers may be different though, giving us two different flavors of this service; an executive-level pain and gain articulation service and an organizational-level one.
  • Efficiency/Effectiveness Improvement (MV-EEI) which -on its own- a very wide and very deep topic subject that needs to be defined clearly to determine what it covers and what it does not, where, and to what depth. We can relate this service and connect to the pain & gain articulation service and benefit from the outcomes/findings of this service. This service is very close to Business Process Improvement (BPI) generally speaking, but our services is more to the point in dealing with specific issues down to their roots rather than being a general process improvement serviceز
  • Organizational/Operational Alignment with Corporate Strategic Direction ; with two levels of possible engagement starting with the first “department2corporate” level and moving on (optionally) to the second “employee2department” level. Department2corporate level is the easier and less demanding level both in time and effort. its outcomes/results may start showing in 4-6 months, while the “employee2department” may take 12-18 months. It all depends on the size of the organization in number of departments/functions/units (for the first level) and the number of employees and their classification/categorization in the entire organization and within each and every organizational/functional entity. To explain this point, consider an organization with 12 departments and 20 employees per department. We are talking here about 12 alignments in the first level and anywhere between 50 and 150 possible alignments in the second level.
  • Strategic Planning (MV-STGY01): This service is for organizations who do not (yet) have a strategic plan, or need an external review/assessment of their existing strategic plan, and/or have an old/outdated strategic plan that needs to updated. Whatever the situation, we will follow a standard best-practice approach with our own personal/professional touch to enrich the subject and add more value to the outcomes. The cornerstone of this approach comes from our unique business model descriptors (BMD’s) articulation for the entity that requires this service. We use “cascading” and “causality” to drill down a “top-down” path towards a strategy that would reflect what top/executive management wishes to see in it, and it reflects a “bottom-up” path to represent what employees and workers on the ground think about this strategy. The same applies for other key stakeholders and their expectations/needs too. … (More Details Available on Request)
  • Strategy Implementation & Execution (MV-STGY02): To successfully implement what you have carefully planned is the real challenge when it comes to key/strategic transformation projects. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Real-life statistics show an alarming failure rate of 76% of these strategy implementation projects, as they fail fully or partially to deliver the desired results as would be seen by the key stakeholders. At Millennia-vision, we are not magicians and we do not promise to make miracles, But we know what it takes to ensure success in these projects, provided there is enough will and desired on the decision makers part to do what it takes to succeed. We have our own approach and methodology to do this with the necessary techniques and tools to help move the strategic plan from the planning board to reality on the ground… (More Details Available on Request)

Our Methodology incorporates a blend of industry standard practices with Millennia-Vision's own intellectual property elements like MV-BTC. Corporate performance is one of these topics which touch on people, process and technology in an extended way and in various formats.


This is my own invention and I call it the chief performance officer (CPO) executive position fully in charge of the overall corporate performance. The best analogy would be to compare the CPO to the maestro of the orchestra and the different functions/departments/units/divisions being the musicians in the orchestra, all playing one unified tune that the CPO conducts and guides the whole orchestra to deliver the best results.

National/International Program Management is a special category of corporate performance services where the corporate is stretched to encompass a country (national-level), a region (regional) or any other form of international entity. The Scope Of work (SoW) is also stretched to embrace a program which is generally speaking much bigger than a project.

Examples of these engagements

  • National Level Economic Performance
  • Industry/Sector Improvement
  • Government Performance Governance
  • Socio-economical transformation programs in ME/GCC region
  • Critical economy infrastructure programs for education, health-care, banking, energy, transportation and utilities


This is a sample of national-level initiatives that is presented as 10 steps plan. Upon endorsement and acceptance, this plan will serve as the core principle of a full-fledged national economy transformation program that links the government (public sector), private firms (private sector) and national/international investors who may join on win-win business partnership basis.