Our approach is truly simple and straight forward. Hence it is powerful, effective and leads to desired results of the business owners, senior/executive managers and the overall key stakeholders.

This approach comes from a strict control systems engineering background, where the following attributes are dominant

  • Adoption of the “feedback/closed-loop control theory” in our planning and in our execution
  • Adoption of the “black-box conceptual model” for unknown (or yet to be developed) things, shifting our focus from what is inside the box, to what it really does, what inputs it needs, and what outputs it produces.
  • In our comprehensive approach to meeting our customer needs/expectations, we consider “multiple input/output paths” between black-boxes, and we go in-depth in the correlation/analysis of these multiple streams of flows within the model.
  • With clear boundaries between what is within the scope of work and what is not, we take care of the “inter-dependency” inside these boundaries, and “external dependency” with other external entities outside these boundaries.
  • Adoption of the “complete and iterative life-cycle model” in a growing number of our offerings
  • Causality (cause-effect analysis) for desired things to happen, targets to achieve, issues to eliminate …
  • “Management by Measurement” emphasizing the golden rule ” you can manage only what you can measure”
  • “Persistence to deliver results “within expectations and agreed terms and conditions of the services
  • Benefits from our Services are generally speaking “tangible, quantifiable and measurable” to enable customers to assess their real value compared to the investments they put in our services.

In addition, we have developed a complete set of methodologies, techniques and tools in our approach that you cannot find in any other comparable service organization

  • We always highlight “what” we will deliver to our customers an “why” it is important/beneficial to them
  • We usually decline from getting too deep in “how” we execute our services and deliver the expected/needed results.
  • In our dealings with target customers, we focus on what matters most to the customer, and do our best to get maximum benefit advantage with resource limitations in money, time, effort and money.
  • We treat the “service oriented concept” as a cornerstone in our approach, both in our services towards our customer, and to our customers and their own services internally and externally
  • Bring the best out of people, process and technology to serve the interests of our customers