Internally developed offerings framework to function as basis for developing our own service offerings that address market/customer needs in the transformation process towards the future.

P.I.O.V.I is based on the popular closed-loop/feedback control system theory which calls for determining what is to be achieved, put the process and actions to get it done, assess the result(s) and see how much it matches/deviated from the desired value, and accordingly decide an action plan to cater for this deviation and bring the result(s) back to the desired status and values.

P.I.O.V.I is a 5 steps framework that consists of the following

  • Plan: including new business/startup planning, long-term strategic planning, medium-term tactical planning and short-term operational planning, focusing on the deliverable/end result(s) to be achieved.
  • Implement: what it takes to get the required/expected result(s). This means doing, acting, installing, customizing, modifying, inventing, re-engineering … etc. and it includes the management and quality assurance associated with the implementation to make sure what is being achieved is what is needed/expected.
  • Operate: put the new/modified systems, products, services into action and operate them in the production/functional/operational systems in the actual work environment.
  • Verify: Check to see how close we are in reality compared to what is desired and see if there are significant deviations that need to be taken care of. This may include 3rd party (external) validation and verification services if needed.
  • Improve: In part, the improvement may come as a result of the outcome of the verification process to work on the deviations (if any) and try to eliminate/minimize them as much as possible. In the other hand, there is also a continuous improvement process that also takes new needs/requirement from the planning process and from feedback coming from different measurement/assessment points in the production/operational systems and processes.

PIOVI Framework Explained

PIOVI framework offerings are available to our clients in multiple forms including

  • Awareness Raising Sessions
  • Executive Management Consultancy Services
  • Other Professional Services
  • Specialized Solutions featuring selected HW/SW products and implementation services from industry leaders


PIOVI framework remains the same in its five components that stand for the name and abbreviation. However, the contents within each element are under continuous review/update in light of market/customer needs as well as technology/industry trends and directions.

Get back to us for the most recent changes and updates