We envision progress/evolution as a result of an ongoing change, building on cumulative knowledge and experience, We also view paradigm shifts (transformations) as a series of successive waves. We are showing two such paradigms; Paradigm A (blue) followed by Paradigm B (red) for our discussion of the story behind our logo.

Millennia-Vision is about paradigm transformations

Let us summarize the story in 5 points (matching the 5 marks (matching the 5 marks along the time/effort axis on the diagram)

  • Start of the first (blue) paradigm
  • While the blue paradigm is enjoying linear growth, a new (red) paradigm emerges
  • The blue paradigm still grows and still represents the dominant paradigm. However, the new (red) paradigm is growing bigger and becomes increasingly significant.
  • This is the critical point where successful transformationimplies the ability of the organization to move from the old (blue) paradigm to the new (red) one.
  • Those who succeed in transformation will enjoy the new (higher) levels while those who fail will probably be out of the scene

eWizdum Premium Value Services

This is the essence of the whole story behind the Millennia-Vision Consulting logo and the “Vision = Direction = Leadership” theme. We focus on providing premium value services specially designed for top management, executives, business owners and decision makers

The fruit of these premium value services reveals itself in smooth and successful transition from the old paradigm (whatever it is) to the new paradigm (whatever it maybe) to move forward to new and heights and dimensions.

To reach this result, lots of work needs to be done prior to reaching this point, and we will extend a helping hand in all phases and steps involved in this transition, covering business aspects, technology aspects and cultural aspects as well !

The key message to our target client is twofold

  • Get prepared for the future with its knowns and unknowns, predictable developments and unpredictable ones as well !
  • Be ready when it becomes necessary to make critical decisions at hard times.

eWizdum premium value services are positioned around the MV-PIOVI offerings framework which spans the complete change management (transformation) life-cycle; planning, implementation, operation, validation and improvement. Under every term (phase), there are a variety of topics that we cover through our awareness/orientation sessions, special consultancy services and targeted solutions/services that help interested clients master these topics.

Furthermore, and due to confidentiality/privacy reasons that we understand and appreciate very well, we offer our services in very low profile on “one-to-one” basis, taking one customer caseat a time, deal with one customer organization, work with one management team, one executive and so on so forth as required/mandated by the customer specifics.

This is in short the story behind the logo and what we try our best to do to help business owners, executives, management teams and decision makers to successfully tackle the challenges they face, pursue the goals and objectives they have, and fulfill their own personal ambitions/dreams while taking their organizations ahead and forward !