The question rises immediately, Why Millennia-Vision and what makes us different from others in the marketplace, specially when compared to big and popular names in the consultancy services world. This is what I will try to explain and prove to our target customers who are looking for something dramatically different and much better than what is out there.

The main differentiatior – simply stated – we deliver on our promise to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our deliverables are result of roots-up original work without the otherwise popular copy and paste practices you may find in other comparable firms.

Our deliverables focus on “true value” to the customer as would be seen by the customer. Our deliverables should weigh off and exceed in value the customer investment in our services, whether this investment is in money, time and/or in efforts.

To illustrate and prove the point about our unique positioning and exceptional value deliverables, I would mention the following

  • The results/findings in our deliverables are quantifiable and measurable, expressed in numbers and supported by facts
  • The recommendations/suggested actions are practical and doable/actionable … not just theories and academic work
  • The benefits/outcomes of the work should be also tangible, quantifiable and measurable

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